From the experience and construction of various roofing systems, we have designed a product that combines practicality with the beauty and warmth of wood.

These wooden pavilions, are manufactured with a laminated wood structure that can be combined with thermal covering and sandwich panels to improve the insulation effect with the corresponding energy saving and a significant improvement of the conditions inside the facility.

The wooden pavilions offer our customers the possibility to quickly and easily dispose of a multipurpose space, at a significantly lower cost than conventional masonry installation. Although they are designed to be installed permanently, this building model is still a piece of furniture with all the legal benefits that it implies.

    • Portals constructed with laminated wood pillars and beams. Rectangular laminated wood rofiled beams on which an aluminum profile is built with lanes, having on top the tarpaulins of the cover that passes in a sealed form.


  • Steel connector pieces. The pillars are seated on base plates that adapt to the flat terrain.

  • Textile roof system by means of two translucent white PVC tarpaulins with “thermal-wind” systems that eliminate condensation and offer a pleasant interior environment. The wind proofing system prevents the movement of the tent against high wind loads. Fire behavior classification M2.

Perimeter Enclosure:
  • Double sandwich sheet rigid panels.

The wooden pavilions allow multiple configuration options and can be completed with everything needed: access, different types of floor, lighting, air conditioning, sports equipment, stands, dressing rooms or buildings.

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