For more than 30 years, at Vall we have acquired a great experience in manufacturing and processing tarpaulins. Thanks to our knowledge of the tent rental sector, Vall has constantly worked to expand the reach of our business areas and improve all products and services. For this reason, we have a tarpaulin manufacturing factory equipped with high frequency machines and highly-qualified personnel.


Therefore, we can make any type of tarpaulin (side walls, triangles and roofs single or thermo double roof type) independently from the manufacturer.

At Vall we make PVC tarpaulins for high quality tents with a special attention on offering impeccable finishes. Our facilities have 1300m2 dedicated to the production of PVC tarpaulins, with several high frequency welding machines which run on continuous table, and digital cutting machines.

Our 30 years working with tarpaulins have made it possible for us to know exactly what PVC tarpaulin we want for ourselves and for our clients, an excellent tarpaulin with all kinds of details taken care of to ensure maximum quality.

We usually work with M2 620gr/m2 PVC tarpaulins, although other weights and specifications are available on request.

Simple opaque or translucent tarpaulins that allow the practice of sports or events with natural light. They are cheaper, but they do not have thermal insulation.

Double tarpaulin system with airtight chamber that offers a good level of insulation and guarantees stability against adverse weather conditions.

Finally, at Vall we have a great production capacity, alongside working with the best tarpaulin manufacturers. At Vall we design and manufacture high quality products to fully meet the requirements of our customers.

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