Vall, with more than 25 years in the sector, puts at the customer’s disposal a wide range of products: detachable industrial buildings, sports pavilions and tents; We are able to respond to all covered space needs: from a small tent to an event or temporary building, to a large, removable or permanent pavilion.

The tents, buildings and pavilions manufactured by Vall are built following the most rigorous quality and safety criteria.

Vall offers you the highest quality solutions. Thanks to the insulating efficiency of the materials used for the construction of the pavilions, it is possible to create a pleasant interior environment, ideal for practicing sport all year.

The Vall sports pavilions are the perfect solution to cover a multisport track for a period of time or permanent way. Economical, resistant and easy to assemble, these removable pavilions allow a huge interior space with great lateral height, which allows the practice of regulated activities and sports competitions such as basketball, volleyball, football and badminton; It is also suitable for social, recreational or cultural events.

Like all Vall products, they are easily removable and transportable, and its maintenance costs are very low. Our polygonal pavilions are an affordable solution for a large group of collectives. Vall offers a turnkey project for a closed price, ensuring no budget deviations.

Vall polyvalent pavilions comply with the corresponding Safety and Environmental regulations, as well as the safety, functionality, habitability, comfort, and up to date maintenance criteria.

Vall, manufacturing, rental and sale of sports halls.

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