Does your business need to increase storage capacity for temporary or permanent purposes?

Vall offers a wide range of demountable industrial warehouses, easy to set up and dismantle, and requiring neither cement foundations nor development fees.

An optimal solution when in need of an extension or in the event of fluctuations in industrial activity. We also offer different customisation options:

  • Perimeter enclosure: in simple tarpaulins, corrugated metal sheets, or sandwich panels.
  • Roofing and triangle options:
    • Simple tarpaulins are affordable but offer limited thermal insulation.
    • The double tarpaulin air chamber system offers superior insulation performance and wind resistance.

Why do we recommend the thermal anti-wind system?

Double tarpaulin anti-wind system: this modern technology is a game-changer in the textile roofing sector. The system is based on a double PVC tarpaulin principle: creating an air chamber (air mattress) which becomes rigid at low-pressure levels and is maintained by an electronic mechanism that regulates the pressure in the system (but adds negligible energy use).

This system offers a high degree of thermal insulation (K value=1.5), which in turn prevents condensation. In addition, the system acts as a structural stabiliser: by creating additional structural rigidity the system increases resistance to adverse weather conditions (such as the onset of extreme winds).

We have put a whole set of options at your disposal when it comes to each element, materials, or extras. We will adapt our prefabricated warehouses to your project in the most convenient way possible, while at the same time meeting all pertinent regulatory requisites.

Vall’s demountable warehouses are available as rentals, leases, or for sale.

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