Does your company need to increase storage capacity for a period of time or for a permanent basis?

Vall offers you a wide range of demountable industrial buildings, easy to assemble and relocate, without cement foundation requirements or buildability.

An optimal solution for the expansion needs or fluctuations of activity within the industry. We can offer you different options:

  • Perimeter enclosure: in simple tarpaulins, “greca” sheet and / or sandwich panel.
  • Ceiling and triangles with 2 options:
    • Simple tarpaulin system, it is economical but does not have thermal insulation.
    • Double-glazing system, with airtight chamber that offers a good level of insulation.

Why do we recommend the thermo-windproof ceiling system?

System of double windproof thermo- tarpaulins: This modern system supposes a great differentiating step in relation to systems of textile ceiling. Its principle is based on 2 PVC tarpaulins that form a sealed air chamber (air cushion), maintained at low pressure by means of an electric system that controls and maintains the pressure between the tarpaulins, the consumption of the system is irrelevant.

This system provides a high degree of thermal insulation (K value=1.5), thus avoiding condensation and acting as a stabilizing system for the building, allowing the chamber to remain still in adverse climatic conditions (such as in very strong wind situations).

We offer a wide range of options in each of the elements, materials and extras to adapt prefabricated industrial buildings to your project in the most practical way possible, in compliance with current regulations.

The detachable Vall buildings are available on rent, renting or sale.

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