There is often an immediate need to have additional space quickly and flexibly: buildings for new processes of production, storage or services, for temporary or permanent use.

Aware of this market need, Vall, leader in the field of removable building structures and installations, offers a range of removable buildings that provide innovative, fast, economic and maximum flexibility solutions. Vall proposes a whole range of demountable prefabricated buildings that are solid, easy to assemble, can be relocated, and with no cement foundation requirements or buildability rate.

Vall’s removable buildings are an economic solution, both in construction and in maintenance. Detachable industrial buildings do not pay taxes related to real estate (IBI). They are easy to air-condition thanks to the insulating materials used for their construction, and save electricity if they are complemented by a translucent thermal ceiling that allows to work with natural light throughout the day.

As for dimensions, our buildings can measure between 5m and 50m wide with an unlimited length and a height of between 3m and 6m, having other heights available according to project and features.

Its construction is fast and simple thanks to the “in kit” assembly system, that allows you to have a fully functional building in a short time.

Vall’s demountable buildings are extremely solid and are designed to be permanent but legally movable assets that are exempt from bureaucratic restrictions on construction sites.

They offer capacity for different types of enclosure with or without thermal insulation, in addition to having the translucent textile cover, ensuring the advantage of providing natural light to the interior of the nave.

Temporary or permanent space solutions for industry and commerce. Detachable Vall buildings are available on rent, renting, leasing or sale.

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