Businesses frequently face an immediate need for additional covered space that can be quickly implemented and is highly flexible. We offer covered factory space for production processes, storage, or services. Our buildings can be for either temporary or permanent use.

At Vall we are aware of this market need and, as a leader in demountable structures and installations, offer a range of demountable warehouses that provide innovative, quick, affordable, and flexible solutions. Vall puts a whole range of prefabricated demountable warehouses at your disposal. These structures are well-built, easy to set-up, removable, and require neither cement foundations nor development fees.

Vall’s demountable warehouses are an affordable solution in terms of construction and maintenance. Demountable industrial warehouses are exempt from property based taxation. They are also easy to weatherize thanks to the insulating materials used for their construction, and save electricity when complemented with a translucent thermal roofing system that makes it possible to work indoors with natural daylight.

Warehouse span widths range 5 to 50 m. and structures can be longitudinally expanded ad infinitum. Span heights range 3 to 6 m. (although alternative heights are also available upon request).

Installation is fast and simple thanks to the “kit” assembly system, allowing you to have access to a fully functioning warehouse within the shortest period of time.

Vall’s demountable warehouses are extremely well-built and are designed for long-term use. At the same time, they legally qualify as relocatable property goods, and are thus exempt from conventional building restrictions.

Our structures can be fitted with different types of enclosure systems—thermal and non-thermal insulation—but our translucent textile roofing has the advantage of letting natural light into the warehouse.

We offer both temporary and permanent space solutions for industry and trade. Vall industrial warehouses are available as rentals, leases, or for sale.

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