New model Cavalltec 2017 Pro
Very simple and automatic use, offering a very efficient washing and drying capacity. With the possibility to customize with many options.
The tarpaulin is the element that characterizes the tents, they are water resistant and reusable. However, it is interesting to keep it always clean, so there are simple cleaning machines that allow efficient washing and drying.

Cavalltec III is a tent tarpaulin washing machine that has been evolving throughout the years, operating on a daily basis in our own premises and for numerous clients from all over the world who already have it.

The washing machines have a stainless-steel chassis. With a standard working width of up to five meters wash, although it has an option to raised it up to 6.5m.

The new Cavalltec 2017 Pro washer-dryer model includes improvements over its predecessor. It is completely automatic so you save on staff costs. It is more efficient as it consumes less energy and water.

The “check control” system ensures that the machine is in perfect working conditions. Each time it is used, it reviews the internal systems and points out the possible solution in case of a mismatch in optimal conditions. The drying system has been improved by blowing hot air with high pressure, possibly the best drying system in the market.

Main features

  • Front loading and unloading, 5m working length
  • Drying system with squeegee blades and high pressure turbines
  • Drying air ducts in stainless steel
  • Stainless steel loading and unloading ramps
  • Washing container finished in PVC tarpaulins
  • Stainless steel chassis AISI-304
  • Drying and soundproofing box

Optional items

  • 5.7″ Touch Screen with integrated Check-Control
  • Working table 5000 x 950mm in galvanized steel, with wheels
  • Front loading and rear discharge

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