“Our temporary buildings are operational in a minimum time”

When a client has the need to generate a covered space for their company or project, they come up with a series of questions that must be answered efficiently by a qualified team, conveying and contributing maximum quality and security. The most frequent ones are usually regarding the advantages a temporary building offers compared to traditional construction, what are the regulations that cover this type of structure, technical aspects of the assembly process, etc. Today we speak with the CEO of one of those companies that go a step further and not only answer all those questions, but also dare to outline future ones.

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Buying or renting a removable tents vs. a permanent building: Which is better?

Your business is growing, and you might be considering the possibility of opening a new warehouse or industrial tent. Building, buying or even renting a new building, however, requires a huge amount of capital and resources, and a long process of design and construction in case you want a new building adapted to all your needs. Although in the long run, a permanent building can be a solution for your business, there are many advantages that make temporary buildings a better choice.

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Modular, portable industrial building units with no foundations needed.

A leading company dedicated to the manufacture of windmills has puts its trust in Vall to protect its products from the weather. In this case, our customers decided on a 30 x 50 x 7 m Alu-Stock unit, with a total of 1500 m² for this purpose. The pillars and lintels are made up of a rectangular aluminium profile of large dimensions and high strength.

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We often find companies that are located within a piece of land that is not their own, but they may need ADDITIONAL INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS or LOGISTIC WAREHOUSES. This operation often involves a reduction in the assets and the optimisation of the use and profitability of operational costs, either for temporary projects or to provide maximum flexibility.

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We have completed the first construction phase of a large project on removable warehouses, to be more specific, we are installing a 40 meters wide, 85 meters long and 7 meters inner height removable industrial warehouse. Our Alu Stock 40/7 is an aluminium structure, fitted with a thermal textile cover and high insulating capacity 60 mm-thick rockwool panels. The installation comprises lighting, personal doors and quick industrial doors, 1 module for offices and toilets, a loading and unloading bay for trucks, the necessary inner and perimeter protections and the required fire safety systems. 3.400 m2 of indoor space deliverable in 30 days.

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Cooltra Motors, the world leader in electric motorcycles rental, relies on Vall to increase its logistical capacity with the installation of an industrial rental tent.

In the maintenance and logistics facilities that the company Cooltra has in Montornès del Valles, we have installed an industrial tent with simple cover and rigid perimeter enclosure. The tent in particular is a type V Rent. A solid tent, which is easy to assemble and constructed in a short period of time.