Quienes somos Vall
Quienes somos Vall


The road to success

The origin of Vall began 30 years ago, when the belief in commitment, hope, and professionalism, inspired a group of people to start a project that has never stopped growing since. Vall has been validated by a story of success based on a business model that has proven itself capable of adapting to the changing nature of the times. We have always had a clear objective: satisfy the needs of our clients.

Thus, Vall has become one of the leading companies in the sale and renting of tents, demountable warehouses, and sports halls. The dedication and efforts of our professionals, coupled with the use of European materials with the highest resistance grading and adherence to strict quality standards, means that Vall is ready to meet any and every challenge presented to us. We will cover every type of surface.

Renting and buying.

At Vall we offer a complete service: we manufacture the product, transport it, and execute its installation. All our products are available for sale or as rentals, offering our clients a wide range of possibilities so they can find the option that best suits their needs.

Everything stays home.

 Our facilities in Les Broges Blanques (Lleida) span 16000 m2 and host the logistical and production operations required for the manufacture and maintenance of our industrial warehouses, tents, and demountable halls. The characteristics of our facilities means we can guarantee 100% the quality of the structures we produce.

We are a manufacturing company

Our established clients