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We are a manufacturing company

Why should I buy?

  • Avoid lengthy and costly permits

  • Extremely rapid implementation

  • Suitable for covering spaces permanently

  • Allows for expansions and modifications at marginal additional cost

  • Cost-effective compared to conventional constructions

Why should I rent?

  • Suitable when you don’t own the grounds on which to the structure will be installed

  • Avoid maintenance costs

  • No investment in fixed assets

  • Advantageous taxation

  • Allows for maximum flexibility (modify or expand as needed)

  • Viable solution when not allowed to build on premises, grounds are not apt for conventional construction, or building coefficient has run out

  • Suitable for temporary projects (i.e. provisional production lines)

  • No need to invest in construction

  • Maximum flexibility with no long-term commitments

A story of success

Over 30 years of history

construcción antigua carpa
Más de 30 años de historia

Vall—a pioneering business in the demountable structures sector—supplies tents, industrial buildings, and demountable pavilions. We manufacture our own structures using European materials with the highest resistance grading and adhere to strict quality controls. Vall guarantees the quality of all structures manufactured in its premises and offers the highest quality standards in the market. At Vall we don’t set ourselves limits and are prepared to meet every challenge.

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of tents, industrial warehouses, and demountable halls, we are dedicated to the sales and renting of our products. The quality of our professional team means that we are able to take on a wide range of projects. To accomplish this, we make effective use of cooperation between all our different departments: engineering, production, administration, sales, and assembly teams.

Our tents are easy to install, transport, and maintain. To meet flexible needs, we offer a wide range of products designed for events, fairs, exhibitions, weddings, and parties.

We also offer prefabricated and demountable industrial warehouses. These structures are well-built, easy to assemble, removable, innovative, and don’t require cement foundations. An affordable solution that is easy to air-condition and saves electricity.

To exercise all year round, we offer demountable sports halls: the perfect solution to cover an outdoor sports facility for short-term or permanent use. Like all Vall products, our halls are easy to assemble and transport, in addition to affordable.

Our facilities, located in Les Borges Blanques (Lleida), span 16000 m2 which host the logistical and production operations needed for the manufacture and maintenance of our demountable halls, tents, and industrial warehouses.

At Vall, we see each project as an opportunity to strengthen our reputation and continue to grow. We care deeply about the opinion of our clients, and work ceaselessly to satisfy their needs.

Our products are our guarantee

A full range of possibilities available everywhere in the world

Vall in the world

Vall has an international presence across the world

Our established clients

Last news

Modular, portable industrial building units with no foundations needed.

May 16th, 2018|0 Comments

A leading company dedicated to the manufacture of windmills has puts its trust in Vall to protect its products from the weather. In this case, our customers decided on a 30 x 50 x 7 [...]

I need an industrial warehouse for my company, where do I start?

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If your company was started recently, has changed location, or has to expand and, as a consequence, you need an industrial warehouse, there are several things that you should bear in mind. We can help [...]

  • nave industrial desmontable 16 x 46 x 6


December 11th, 2017|0 Comments

We often find companies that are located within a piece of land that is not their own, but they may need ADDITIONAL INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS or  LOGISTIC WAREHOUSES.  This operation often involves a reduction in the [...]

  • Nave desmontable MAXI-STOCK

MEGA-STOCK detachable building

December 11th, 2017|0 Comments

This is our proposal to cover large dimension spaces: MEGA STOCK detachable industrial building. Free width. In this particular case: 60 meters wide x 60 meters long and a 7 meters side-wall height. Thermal textile [...]

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