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  • If you do not want long permitting processes and costs

  • If you want an extremely fast implementation

  • If you are going to need space permanently over time

  • If you plan to expand it later with limited costs

  • Lower costs compared to conventional buildings


  • If you do not own the land where you are going to install the warehouse

  • If you do not want to take care of maintenance

  • If you do not want to invest in fixed assets

  • If you want to benefit from more advantageous taxation

  • If you want to maintain maximum flexibility (you can change or expand when you want it or need it)

  • If you are not allowed to build on the land, if your land is not suitable for building, or your building coefficient has been exhausted

  • If your project is temporary or provisional (production lines with expiration date)

  • If you temporarily need to extend your premises

  • If you do not want to invest in buildings

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Más de 30 años de historia

At Vall, a pioneer company in the sector of building structures and removable installations, you can find tents, industrial buildings and removable own manufactured pavilions, made with European origin materials that have maximum resistance and respect the strictest quality controls. Vall guarantees the quality of all the structures that it manufactures in its facilities, and offers the best quality in the market.

At Vall, we do not know about limits and we are prepared for any challenge that is presented to us.

With more than 30 years of experience in the manufacture and installation of tents, industrial buildings and removable pavilions, we are dedicated to the sale and rent of these. We carry out all kinds of work thanks to the job of our professionals, coordinated in the different departments that make the Vall team: engineering, administration, logistics, production, shopping, sales and operations.

We offer easy installation, transportation and maintenance for our tents. To be flexible, we have a wide range of products covering different types of tents for events, fairs, exhibitions, weddings and parties.

We also have removable pre-constructed industrial buildings, solid, easy to assemble, location changeable, innovative and without cementing requirements. An economical solution, since they are easy to air-condition and save up electricity.

To practice sports all over the year, we offer you removable sports pavilions, the perfect solution to cover a sports track for a period of time or permanent. Like all Vall products, they are easy to assemble and transport, and inexpensive.

Our pavilions comply with all the of Safety and Environment regulations in accordance with the European requirements of the sector.

In our facilities, located in Les Borges Blanques (Lleida), we have 16000 m2 of space to develop all our logistics and production services necessary for the manufacture and maintenance of removable pavilions, tents and industrial buildings.

At Vall, we tackle each new project as an opportunity to improve our reputation and to keep growing. We work day to day gain the satisfaction of our clients, since their opinion is fundamental for us.

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