Vall, with 30 years in the industry, offers its clients a wide range of products: demountable industrial warehouses, sports halls, and tents. We address every need for covered space: from small tents for private events to provisional warehouses, as well as large demountable pavilions for either temporary or permanent use.

Our tents, warehouses, and demountable halls, are produced in accordance with the highest quality and safety standards.

Vall offers high-quality customised solutions. The insulating efficiency of the materials used in the manufacturing process ensures our halls maintain a comfortable temperature suitable for practicing sport all year round.

Vall sports halls are the perfect solution for covering a sports centre for either temporary or permanent use. Affordable, durable, and easy to assemble, these demountable halls can cover large spaces requiring significant lateral heights, thus meeting the official competition requirements for sports such basketball, volleyball, futsal, or badminton. These spaces can also double up as venues for social, recreational, or cultural events.

Like all Vall products, our halls are easy to dismantle and transport, and keep maintenance costs low.

Our polygonal halls are an affordable solution for a large group of collectives. Vall offers a turnkey project with a set price and no budget overruns.

 Vall’s multipurpose halls are fully compliant with health and safety as well as environmental regulations. They also meet up-to-date security, functionality, habitability, comfort, and maintenance criteria.

Vall: manufacture, rent, and sale of sports halls.

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